Enhance Racquet Services provides complete racquet care services with a specialty in racquet Enhancement, allowing you to maximize the potential of your equipment and to make the most of your on court performance. Choosing the best string and optimal tension for your racquet and style of play is essential. If you haven't already discovered your ultimate set-up, don't worry, that's where we can help you! We'll work with you, make recommendations and through this process you will ultimately discover the setup that allows you flourish on the court.  

Our customers have come to count on us for 48 hour or faster service.  We are 100% confident your enhanced racquet will give you the advantage and confidence you need to crush your on-court rivals.

Why settle for a basic racquet stringing service or inexperienced high school stringer, when you can come to us and get enhanced?


With over 40 years stringing experience and tens of thousands of racquets strung. Enhance Racquet Service has the experience and no how to provide the best racquet services available.


We use Babolat Sensor stringing machines.

After each racquet is strung, its dynamic tension is measured using our ER300 dynamic tension meter. Over time, we can measure your tension loss. Drop your racquet to be tested anytime to determine your tension loss. A loss of 20% or more is a good time to have your racquet restrung.



For more information: Ask Ken at (310) 944-5170